Common Tips for Massage Etiquette

If you ever had a massage, then you are not missing one of the most relaxing experiences ever. Make sure you know what to expect and how to act before you go. You can rely on standard etiquette guidelines if you are in doubt and ask the therapist about anything you are not certain of.  

Massage Etiquette 

To help you, here are some common tips that can help you what you will do before, during, and after a massage. 

     Arrive On Time 

Jot it down, put it on a calendar, and put a reminder in your cell phone when you book a time for a massage. It is rude to keep your therapist waiting. You should never cause her to be late for them since she is trying to make a living. You might consider arriving a few minutes earlier to fill out paperwork if it is your first time to see a therapist.  

    Arrive Clean 

A massage therapist prefers to work on a clean and fresh body. You must have enough pride to take care of basic hygiene, wear deodorant but it is crucial that you do not bathe yourself in heavy cologne or perfume. 

    Be Comfortable 

If you are uncomfortable without your underwear on you won’t be able to relax since most massages are best if you are completely naked. You do not have to apologize if you prefer to keep all your clothes on. You must remember that the therapist can only massage what is exposed. Before the session, it is advisable to use the restroom first. 

    Be Respectful 

Your therapist is a professional who takes the job in a serious manner so it is imperative that you respect the person’s knowledge and education. It is not appropriate to tell an off color joke about her profession, that will be terrible and it may result in declining any future appointment with you. 

    Be Open 

You must communicate with your therapist and let her know what feels bad as well as what hurts. She won’t be able to know if you will not speak up. Releasing tension is her job and not creating them. Commonly, your therapist will follow your lead with regards to music, lighting, and anything related to your session. 

    Be Honest 

If you have any health issues, it is crucial that you let your therapist know. Most of the therapists know how to work with people having medical conditions. In some cases, a massage is not a good idea and your therapist will let you know when that happens. Your massage therapist does not want to you to be sick. Call or change the schedule if you are not feeling well on the massage day. 

    Be generous 

Most gym and spa massage accept tips from their clients. Giving a tip to your massage therapist is a great way of appreciating her service for your sense of well-being. 10 to 20 percent is the normal range of tip. You are not expected to tip if your massage therapist is associated in the medical field. Do not try to push if your massage therapist won’t accept any tip.

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